1. Payment and retention of title (see also GTC):

  • The following general conditions apply to all orders and other services and are recognized by the customer when the order is placed.

  • The purchase price and any shipping costs incurred are due upon conclusion of the contract. Payment is made in advance by bank transfer to the specified bank account or by PayPal payment.

  • Payment must be made within 7 days of ordering. If the goods have not been paid for within this period, the provider is free to sell the goods elsewhere. The purchase contract is therefore deemed to have been canceled by the provider.

  • The ordered goods remain the property of the provider until they have been paid for in full and in full.

  • Comment: According to § 19 UStG the value added tax is not shown in the invoice.


2. Processing time:

The time it takes to get an item ready for shipping varies from item to item. Usually the processing time is 1-3 working days after receipt of payment.


3. Shipping:

3.a. Shipping company:

Shipping is usually done with Deutsche Post / DHL.

3.b. Delivery times:

- Since this information has been taken from the information provided by the shipping company, I cannot guarantee compliance with it.
- Within Germany: 2-4 working days
- Europe-wide: 5-10 working days
- Worldwide: 2-4 weeks (USA and Canada currently only accessible by sea, therefore delivery times are 30 days and more)

3.c. Shipping:

3.c.1. Germany:

- Consignment 500 (up to 500g): 1.90 € *
- Consignment 1000 (up to 1000g): 2.20 € *
- Parcel (up to 2kg): 4,99 €
- Parcel (up to 5kg): 7.50 €

* Without tracking, without insurance

3.c.2. Europe-wide (EU):

a) Standard:

- Goods international (up to 500g): 3.81€ *
- Goods international (up to 1000g): 8.33€ *
- Parcel (up to 2kg): 8.89 €*
- Parcel (up to 5kg): 18.00 €

* Without tracking, without insurance

b) With tracking and insurance:

- Goods mail international (up to 500g): 7..20 €

- International goods mail (up to 1000g): 11.13 €

- 1-5kg: 18.00 €


3.c.3. Non-EU (currently no shipping worldwide):


a) Standard:

- International goods (up to 500g): 3.80€*

- International goods (up to 1000g): 9.00 €*

- Parcel (up to 2kg): 12.70 €*
- Parcel (up to 5kg): 30 € (e.g. Switzerland **) - 38 € (e.g. USA)

* Without tracking, without insurance

** For technical reasons, 38 € will be charged, but the refund will be made immediately!


b) With tracking and insurance:

- International goods (up to 500g): 6.15 €

- International goods (up to 1000g): 11.35 €

- International goods (1-2kg): 19.25 €

- 2-5kg: 30 € (e.g. Switzerland **) - 38 € (e.g. USA)

** For technical reasons, 38 € will be charged, but the refund will be made immediately!


4. Customs and import fees:

Buyers are responsible for any customs or import charges that may apply. I am not responsible for delays caused by customs.



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