Hello and welcome to the Woolwinder!

Woolwinder ?? What is "the" woolwinder?

The Woolwinder is the Atelier-Marie-Lucienne newsletter.

I see! Well then...

I can fully understand your scepticism, because I suspect that your mailbox is just as crowded as mine. So why subscribe to another newsletter?


Well, first of all: As a valuable part of a select group of fellow wool-gatherers, you will get loads of happy woolly inspiration conveniently straight into your inbox together with advance updates on new patterns & products, on sales & other yarny events.



Yes but...

Secondly, I promise not to spam your mailbox. The Woolwinder will show up in your mailbox approximately twice each month, unless there is something very important that I don't want to withhold from you.


As a Woolwinder you will

  • get a closer look behind the scenes (I do not share everything on Instagram )

  • be the first to know what I'm up to

  • be the first to (know of and) see a new pattern or product

  • have the chance to be the first to receive this pattern or product (often with a special Woolwinder bonus)

  • have the opportunity to express suggestions and to breathe a wish

  • get special coupons, discounts, etc ..

Did I wake your interest?

Then become a member of the Woolwinder Group. The following link takes you directly to Mailchimp, my newsletter provider! I am trilled to greet you there!






By the way: You can cancel your newsletter subscription at any time and without any problems!