Who or what is Atelier Marie-Lucienne?

1. How would you introduce yourself in one sentence?⠀

I am Marjan Hoebeke-Pfaff and I‘m the maker and creator behind Atelier Marie-Lucienne, a small online shop for stitch markers, handdyed wool, crochet patterns and crochet gifts.


2. How did you get your mad skills or big break?

I've been crafting quite as long as I can remember, but I became really passionate about crochet early 2014. Everything started quite unspectacularly back then, but soon I was designing patterns and I started blogging. And as my obsession grew steadily it also underwent a development : I became interested in wool, dyeing wool and making crochet supplies myself.

3. Why do you do what you do?⠀

I no longer can imagine my life without crochet, wool or yarny stuff. Nor can I imagine my life without Scotland, a country for which I have a huge affection since 1999. It only was a matter of time for both passions to mingle and intertwine.

To my point of view there is no greater joy than sharing these passions and their outcome with you.

4. How would you describe your shop in one sentence?

Atelier Marie-Lucienne is a small business selling unique hand- and homemade items as well as hand-dyed wool, inspired by Scotland, with a Celtic touch and British flair.


5. Why should the person reading this buy at your shop?⠀

When you’re a small business owner like me costumer satisfaction always is your first goal.

Each piece I sell is crafted by myself, with care, love and dedication.


And remember: When you support a small business, you support a dream!

6. What do you want your customers to do next?⠀

Take your time and have a look around.  If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact me via the contact page. And if you want to get to know me, my values and my work processes, you can read my blog or follow me on Instagram.